Why Choose A PATAM®  Card?

Alongside NTP helping you progress in your training and development in the automotive, logistics and emergency services industries, we strongly recommend you to join the recognisable PATAM card scheme. The 5 key benefits we see you gaining from joining the PATAM card scheme are as follows:

BENEFIT 1: PATAM cards authenticate you in the industry. You only receive one after a verified licence & identity checks

BENEFIT 2: PATAM cards show your credibility. PATAM lets you access and record  all your licences and qualifications in 1 place

BENEFIT 3: PATAM is GPDR compliant, meaning your data protected and your privacy valued

BENEFIT 4: PATAM helps you meet company standardsPATAM cards provides you access to company policies , procedures and events, boosting your performance

BENEFIT 5: PATAM cards are recognisable. You can use your PATAM card across any site using the Checarda or Vircarda App, whichever industry you're in. 

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