In this edition, we’ll focus on how the pandemic has shaped training delivery over the past year and what trends are being forecast by the training community for the future.

Firstly, though a big thank you to everyone who attended our 3rd Annual Mental Health Training Event for the industry ‘It’s Not Just Vehicles That Break Down’.

Held virtually through Zoom and AWARE-Series TV, from 10th-12th February, the event was attended by over 50 delegates from across the Roadside & Recovery and Bus & Coach industries, Military and Emergency Services.

Offered free-of-charge (inclusive of 7-hrs DCPC) the Mental Health & ResilienceAWARE module not only raised awareness of mental ill-health disorders and industry-related issues; the risk factors, signs, symptoms and preventative measures but also provided essential guidance on ‘resilience’ during these difficult times.

Thank you to the organisations who donated, we’ll be passing those donations on to your chosen industry charities.

The state of training in 2020/21 and beyond

As an active participant of the training industry community Network Training Partnership has contributed to a recent Training Industry Survey conducted by a leading research organisation with the benchmark report having just been published.

The Survey was commissioned to compare the training industry over the past 4-years and how external influences have impacted the industry. It considers changes to training delivery, technology and innovation and what the future holds.

With hundreds of providers from 12 countries responding the survey gives a comprehensive view of where the training industry sees itself. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Future Trends – The Unprecedented Rise of Online Learning

The growing popularity of online training was strongly reflected in this year’s Survey. Almost 70% of training providers said they intended to focus on e-Learning and 56% on a blended approach in the next 12 months with providers using a range of terminology including ‘Live Online Training’, ‘Virtual Training’ and ‘Remote Training’ to help explain their future training offerings.

With this method of training learning evolving so quickly there are still many providers who say they are not prepared for it, don’t understand it or not equipped to offer it.

Training Quality

An issue that many participants highlighted is that poor quality training is a major issue right now, especially where online courses are concerned. There are growing fears that many of those offering online modules do not have the technical expertise or coaching and mentoring skills to adapt their courses to this method of delivery or the ability to maintain learner engagement through web and video conferencing platforms. Content hasn’t always been assessed or approved externally so standards, as well as delegate H&S, could be compromised.

Measuring Success; Customer is King

Participants were asked what metrics they use to measure success. The highest scoring metric by far was customer and delegate satisfaction. At 78% it shows that customer satisfaction is extremely important to the retention of delegates and the development of customer/trainer business relationships.

Collecting Feedback

So how are providers measuring customer and delegate satisfaction? The Survey has revealed more training businesses are turning to online evaluation forms with a 35% increase since 2019.

Online evaluation allows providers to easily collate and report on customer satisfaction, saving time and reducing the amount of paper required to store the information. Interestingly, the survey found that digital feedback is described as more honest and therefore more insightful; people feel more comfortable giving feedback in private and without a trainer there to influence their decision and comments. Another benefit to collecting data digitally is the ability to perform a real-time and in-depth analysis of the course, it’s content and trainer delivery.


So, what have we learnt? …Technology is king!

From eLearning and online training to the rise of online booking and the decline of paper-happy sheets in favour of digital evaluation and feedback forms, it’s clear that 2020 was the year of digitalisation for the training industry.

Without a doubt, offering online learning, online booking and managing auditing and compliance requirements with the use of smart systems such as an LMS (Learning Management System) is the way forward for training providers who want to keep ahead of the curve in this fast-changing climate.

The implications that COVID19 and the lockdown have had on the industry so far, have clearly accelerated an already steep trend toward the use of technology and all indications are that this change is here to stay!

NTP Digitalisation:

The use of technology is at the heart of everything we do. As a training provider who has always advocated the ‘blended-learning model’ and incorporated virtual situations into our training, long before COVID19, we were able to quickly switch to online delivery of our core IMI and DCPC modules.

Having these externally approved for online delivery by JAUPT in April 2020 allowed us to continue offering essential vocational and legislative training to the industry in a COVID-safe environment.

Since then, a wave of digital innovations has been developed and implemented including:

  • New independently registered 7-Hr DCPC modules approved for online delivery inc. EV & HybridAWARE & ForensicAWARE;
  • IMI Accredited Roadside & Recovery Technician’s course delivered through Blended-Learning;
  • e-learning courses for EV & Hybrid and Driver Awareness to meet H&S and insurance requirements;
  • AWARE-Series TV to compliment online modules. Allowing for live demonstrations, green-screened scenarios and interactive quizzes and Q&A sessions;
  • AWARE-Series Store for immediate booking and online course registrations;
  • Digital Feedback, GDPR and Compliance Forms and real-time customer satisfaction and trainer scores;
  • The NTP Learning Management System for hosting courses;
  • The NTP Portal for Consortium Members to access standardised training content, notes etc;
  • Use of QR Codes to allow auditors to access the subjects covered by delegates.

Tyrone Joy undertaking training from the AWARE Series TV Studios in Essex to a national audience

And our latest innovation:

To view the full report, visit:

At NTP we are constantly innovating to offer the industry the best in training delivery and accredited courses. Blended-learning and isn’t new to the team and we have been at the forefront of largescale training innovation programmes that have been used as the benchmark for standards over the past 8-years, both within the military and industry.  We are enjoying dispelling the myths about online training and turning a once sceptical group that has not only embraced the change but become advocates.

For more info or booking visit the AWARE-Series Store or contact us / 01245 943350.