Network Training Partnership TrainAWARE – DCPC Consortium Training & Membership

/Network Training Partnership TrainAWARE – DCPC Consortium Training & Membership

Network Training Partnership TrainAWARE – DCPC Consortium Training & Membership

Network Training Partnership TrainAWARE – DCPC Consortium Training & Membership

On the 9th-11th Jan 2019 Network Training Partnership undertook our second DCPC instructor training course – TrainAWARE. Giving the companies and individual trainers who attended the opportunity to deliver our popular AWARESeries of industry-related DCPC courses to their drivers and own client base.

The highly-skilled trainers on this course demonstrated an excellent attitude throughout and we look forward to supporting them and developing our working partnership over the coming months and years.

Our network is growing, and we have more companies joining the Consortium and our ever-increasing network of approved trainers.

What is the NTP DCPC Consortium?

NTP has been established to deliver training to the automotive, transport & logistics industries. As a JAUPT approved Training Centre (AC02114) and an approved Consortium of trainers we offer industry recognised, high-quality courses. As a Consortium Member companies and individual trainers have access to these courses without the time and expensive of being JAUPT registered themselves.

Who can Join:

To become an NTP Consortium Member you will either have an in-house company trainer or be a trainer yourself who possesses a recognised certified teaching qualification such as PTLLS/CTLLS or Cert Ed. Additionally, you must have relevant experience in the subject you are delivering.

Why NTP?

Our USP is that we can deliver JAUPT-registered DCPC courses throughout the UK and Northern Ireland to a tailored specification. Working with the individual company and within the JAUPT framework we can tailor the content to that of the company’s specific requirement or industry. For example:

Our InductionAWARE course can include a company’s own policies and procedures making it specific to their business and adaptable for their other training requirements such as Induction Training or Continuous Personal Development.

All our courses are developed by industry professionals alongside several blue-chip organisations and agencies and have received widespread praise for their relevance, interest and dynamics. We are confident that our courses and trainers will not be beaten on quality and professionalism!

What do you get when you become a Consortium Member?

NTP offers full training in all of the courses available as well as ongoing advice and administrative support from our dedicated team including:

  • Access to all the relevant AWARE courses within your qualification expertise
  • All course content and relevant JAUPT documentation
  • Fully branded marketing material to include NTP logos and your own company design
  • Fast upload and issuing of certification (once payment has been received)
  • Forecasting of courses and potential training opportunities
  • Continued marketing and advertisement support through our extensive social media outlets
  • Attendance on regular networking events amongst our Network Directory
  • The opportunity to get paid to deliver NTP training contracts
  • Access to the NTP DriveAWARE online module
  • Membership to the Network DirectoryHow much does it cost to join?

    Membership Fees / Charges:

    Annual Membership Fee per Trainer: £350

    Cost per Course (inclusive of Training): £100

    Example: To sign-up one trainer to deliver 5 courses such as; DriveAWARE, InductionAWARE, RoadsideAWARE, PublicAWARE and UrbanAWARE and the initial cost would be:

    Consortium Membership Fee: £350 5 x Courses Fees: £500
    Total Registration Cost: £850 Additional Costs / Fees:

    NTP Administration Fee per Delegate: £20.95 (includes DSA Upload & Certification)


    I’m a Business Owner, how much can my company save by joining the NTP Consortium?

    Companies who have a driver workforce and their own in-house trainer can make huge savings on their DCPC requirements not only for 2019 but continuing throughout the years. The courses can be included in driver induction programmes to ensure training is to the highest standard whilst maintaining control over the ongoing DCPC requirements.

    Example Costs and Savings: (Based on 30 drivers with 35-hour requirement – 5 courses each):

• External Training Company – Industry Average Prices:

30 x 5 courses = 150 courses
Average industry price per course: £65.00

DSA Upload price: £8.95

150 Courses x £65 = £9750
150 DSA Uploads x £8.95 = £1342.50 Total Average Industry Price = £11092.50

• NTP Consortium Costs:

30 x 5 Courses = 150 Courses Consortium Registration Costs: £850 NTP Fee per Delegate: £20.95

1 x Consortium Fees = £850
150 Courses x £20.95 = £3142.50 Total Consortium Costs = £3992.50

Savings: £7100.00

Note: All fees and charges will have VAT applied. If your driver undertakes a course themselves, they will not be able to reclaim the VAT adding a further 20% to his costs i.e. average £90.00 per course

I’m an Individual Trainer, how much can I earn by joining the NTP Consortium?

Trainers who meet the criteria for becoming a member have the opportunity of delivering a suite of outstanding courses to their customer base for very little outlay.

You have autonomy on pricing however we recommend courses be delivered at £80 each.
Example Earnings & Profits: (Based on 30 drivers with 35-hour requirement – 5 courses each):

• Potential Earnings: 30 x 5 Courses = 150 Courses

Cost per Course: £80 Earnings: £12000

• NTP Consortium Costs: Consortium Registration Costs: £850

NTP Fee per Delegate: £20.95

1 x Consortium Fees = £850
150 Courses x £20.95 = £3142.50 Total Consortium Costs = £3992.50

Profit: £8007.50

What if I have an idea for a new course?

We work very closely with all industry stakeholders to build courses that are relevant and useful to the industry. If you are Consortium Member with an idea for a course, then we will gladly discuss and work with you to build and deliver an exceptional course.

When are the next TrainAWARE training courses?

We are planning two courses in the next month one in the South and another in the North, dates and venues to be announced. If you are interested in becoming a member and attending one of these courses, then please don’t wait as spaces will fill up very quickly.

Additional Trainer Requirements

NTP is always on the lookout for qualified and talented self-employed trainers to join our team. We offer competitive day rates on a per course basis.

With the Sept 2019 DCPC deadline approaching fast why not contact us today to find out how you can become part of the team and offer gold-standard training to your employees or through your own contracts;

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